Memorial due the combat in Vehlitz near Möckern in 1813 plus notification boards.

Vehlitzer Weg, 39291 Gommern OT Nedlitz

On April 5th in 1813, a meaningful battle took place at the border between Prussia and the Kingdom of Westfalia (the so called plateau of Nedlitz). There the French troops, roughly 37,000 soldiers and 100 cannons, fought against the Prussian and Russian army, which numbered roughly 20,000 men and 130 cannons. Despite Major General Hünerbein´s hasty attack near the city of Dannigkow, the Prussian and Russian army were able to defeat the French even though the French army greatly outnumbered them. That victory was seen as an important moral success in the fight for national independence during the war of liberation between 1813- 1815. The memorial stone also serves as a reminder of the civilian victims during the so- called French era.