GNT: Town Hall

Marktplatz 3, 39307 Genthin

The town hall of Genthin still operates as a building for urban administration and assemblies. Originally, in the 19th century, there was an apartment house and a post office at this location. Between 1899 and 1901, the new town hall was built based on the plans from Engelbrecht and Grüttefien who both worked for the city planning department. It was the fourth house that was built at the market place. Today it consists of a row of houses together with the second town hall, which now is used as the local court. This row of houses is important for the third town hall, called "Lindenberg House," because the communal administrative tasks grew as well as the city's representation needs. This small building displays neo-Gothic influences, stepped gables with blind arches connecting the different levels, and a balcony (loggia) located in the south east oriel, which belongs to the mayor's office and study rooms. All in all you can see a very detailed, highly decorated, and coloured building showing the pride of the citizens of Genthin. The main entrance and the door to the assembly hall are still the original ones from 1900.