Gommern: Memorial plaque for Eberhard Nachmann

Platz des Friedens, 39245 Gommern

A memorial plaque at the "place of peace" in Gommern serves as a reminder of Eberhard Nachmann. He was the mayor of Gommern for only a few weeks, from May 17th 1945 until July 27th 1945. He was a lawyer, worked in Magdeburg and lived in Gommern. Nachmann supported Gommern by establishing different ideas and events to improve community life. For example, he made it possible for children in Gommern to go to school again right after the Second World War. His brave and diplomatic character made him popular among the citizens of Gommern. On June 17th in 1953, the day of the famous riots, he decided to spontaneously join the crowd on their way to the "Wasserburg". He helped to free the imprisoned and that was why he was arrested the next day and stayed in jail for 6 years until September in 1959. Eberhard Nachmann died on June 17th 2006 in Lower Saxony.