Historical site: Memorial for the fallen Soviet soldiers

Berliner Chaussee, 39307 Genthin

This memorable cemetery for the fallen Soviet soldiers was built around 1945-1946 at the Berlin Avenue close to a pedestal in Genthin and was renovated from 1971 to 1973. The majority of the buried soldiers and members of the Red Army died during the fights in spring 1945. In 2013 seven new boards were added, containing the names of more than 600 soldiers, an essential addition after the old ones had been stolen. Next to the main entrance at Berlin Avenue there is a low wall which leads into a big wall at the southern part of the area. The inscription says: "They were killed in a heroic fight. Their work for Socialism will stay as young as our future will be." On the right hand side of the wall you can gaze at scenes of the liberation. The memorial was designed in 1971 by the artist and sculptor Ursula Schneider-Schulz.