Jerichow: Hospital

Johann-Lange-Straße 20, 39319 Jerichow

The Jerichow psychiatry and psychotherapy hospital was built between 1900 and 1930 in large, park-like grounds as a sanatorium. It consists of several station houses, commercial and administrative buildings and a private chapel. The chapel, which was built at the same time, is a stucco building with a long rectangular shape in baroque-Nouveau style. It has a bell tower with a pyramidal roof of Tudor brick and a covered stairway on the outside wall. The hospital Jerichow is therefore significant because it is an early example of the modern approach to hospital building. Under the Nazi regime, many patients suffered a violent death here and there is a memorial to their fate. After 1945, lung diseases were treated. As less TBC disease occurred, a specialized hospital for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy including treatment for addiction, was re-established in 1970.