Castle of Leitzkau

Am Schloß 4, 39279 Leitzkau

The castle was mentioned for the first time in the 1140s due to the construction of an imposing chapter estate whose church was sanctified in 1155. This building can be compared to a diocesan town. Due to the Reformation in the beginning of 16th century, the castle of Leitzkau lost its function and meaning. On April 2nd in 1564, Hilmar of Munchhausen bought the run down castle for only 70,000 coins. From that day he and his son financed the complete reconstruction and renovation of the building. According to the typical architecture of the Renaissance another part of the castle with three new levels was constructed. It has a dormer, spiral stair case tower, and a highly decorated front gate. The easternmost enclosure building, which was raised by one storey during reconstruction, was badly damaged during WW2 and demolished in 1950. Only the stair case, parts of the basilica and some Romanic stands still exist. Before the castle was completely renovated and became the headquarters of the foundation "Cathedrals and Castles in Saxony-Anhalt" in 1996, it was used as a school building.