GNT: Historical Site - Genthin Forest instead of Jerichower Street

Jerichower Straße, 39307 Genthin

The site at "Linsenwald" is different from all the other monuments. It was designed in remembrance of the 68 foreign forced labourers who worked for the Silva factory arms manufacturer and had been killed in the Ravensbruck Concentration camp. In 1965, the sculptor Ursula Schneider-Schulz designed the perimeter fence for the monument. Some time time later the height of the front of the fence was increased. The inscription, "Fulfill their legacy," is proudly displayed on the front of the fence. If you look beside the inscription, 2.5 meters up, you will see a heightened point. There used to be a bronze statue of a woman located here, but the statue was stolen in 2013. The former area of the camp, located to the North, was turned into a forest of Scots pines. In 2005, people were able to determine the original size of the area through the discoveries of the original fences and foundation.