GNT: Bunker below the old market place in Genthin

Marktplatz, 39307 Genthin

The building of the bunker below the market place lasted from July 1944 until February 1945. The city council and "Organisation Todt" of Genthin had commanded its construction and used it as a command center for any air-raid protection, not as an air raid shelter. The bunker consists of two parts that are connected by a tunnel 11 meters long. The bunker offers 9 rooms on overall 57 square meters. The total area of the bunker has a size of 143 square meters and a ceiling height of approximately 2 meters. The main entrance can be found South of the city hall in the middle of the green field. Due to the complete renovation of the whole market place in 2003 a new entrance to the bunker was built on the East side of the market place. A spiral staircase leads down into the bunker, which remains in good condition still today. It can be visited by groups by registering in advance at the tourist information office in Genthin.