People’s Park

Fabrikstraße7/Jerichower Str. 5, 39307 Genthin

The People’s Park lies directly on the Elbe-Havel Canal in the city district of Altenplathow. It was not originally a park, but rather a wet meadow near the barns of the estate of the Pieschel family. The park was inspired from a plan created by the Landscape Architect Peter Joseph Lenne in 1839. Until 1922, the park contained a hazelnut plantation, a pheasant and deer park, an orangery and a rose garden. Interesting remaining elements include a spherical sundial, located on the campus of the St. John’s School of Nursing, a stone arch bridge and a mausoleum. After the end of WW2 in 1945, the park became public property and several new features including a sledding hill, a velodrome and a swan pond were added.