Water Tower in Genthin

Bergzower Straße 2, 39307 Genthin

The octagonal-shaped water tower in Genthin was built in 1934/35 and serviced the drinking water supply until the mid 1990’s. It has an impressive height of 48 meters and held approximately 400 m³ of water, enough for about 4000 bathtubs. Inside the tower and on top of the water tank sits a viewing platform, which can be reached by a 232 step staircase. The brick outer wall has 8 pillars where 3,20 meter high statues previously stood. Statues of soldiers and supporters of the Nazi Regime were removed after the regime fell. Figures depicting a worker, a woman, a farmer and an Engineer still remain. The water tower is used today as a branch of the Genthin Registry Office and for cultural events.