Seedorf Estate

Parkstraße 2-3, 39319 Nielebock, OT Seedorf

The history of the manor Seedorf can be traced back to a medieval castle. A new one was built around 1853/54 on the foundations of this medieval fortification. The castle with its high towers, double walls and moats was at the time one of the strongest fortifications in Jerichower Land. An extensive reconstruction of the castle took place in 1929-30 under Carl Wentzel, who was executed in the criminal prison Berlin-Plotzensee because of his association with those who attempted to assasinate Hitler in 1944. He had had an octagonal tower constructed and the castle shone in the Gothic Revival style. The castle was bought in 1941 by Prince Leopold of Lippe but was demolished at the end of the 2nd World War (1947). Since 1991 the manor Seedorf belongs to the Schmeichel family, which offers guided tours of the grounds of the former manor. In 2014 excavations were carried out in which the remains of the castle towers and the castle itself were exposed.