Church in Kade

Genthiner Str. 22, 39307, Kade

Church in Kade: The field stone church in the village of Kade is built so that it faces the sun. In addition to its original purpose, the church also served as the residence for Napoleon's army. In 1656 the church tower collapsed and was not replaced until extensive reconstruction efforts in 1913. The reconstruction also included additional amenities such as a warm air heating system, a gallery, a Rühlmann Organ, and an external tower stairway. Additionally, the master painter Rief restored the Cranach Altar in Berlin. Between 2000 and 2013, the church and the organ underwent a complete renovation and have been thoroughly restored. The altar, the heating system, the 4-sided clock and the outdoor installations can all be visited. A special highlight is the organ, which can be played by visitors. It is also possible to get married or baptized in the church.