Church in Großmangelsdorf

Dorfstraße, 39319 Jerichow, OT Großmangelsdorf

The Church in Grossmangelsdorf has a rich history. Master builders from the Jerichow Monastery originally built the church between 1150 and 1172. The tower that can be seen today was an addition, constructed in 1617. In 1822, the church was destroyed by fire and completely rebuilt by 1831. After the reconstruction of the church, the King donated both church bells, which are still in use today, and a church clock. In 1966, after fire once again destroyed the tower, it was rebuilt 3 meters shorter. Inside the church are the original baptismal font, a chandelier and a chalice. The church received a new roof in 2010. Today the church is also used as a multipurpose hall for cultural events.