Evangelical St. George Church in Jerichow

Karl–Liebknecht–Str. 10, 39319 Jerichow

In the 12th century, a new German settlement was established at the foot of a Slavic ring castle at an arm of the Elbe River. The land belonged to the Counts of Stade, who gave it in 1148 to the Abbot of Magdeburg to found the new monastery of Jerichow. This monastery moved to its present site and the settlement got its own church, St. George. A special feature of this church is the chancel, which lacks a semicircular apse. One can see the history of construction on the red brick walls. On one side are brick arches. It appears that here, an extension was originally planned; or perhaps the flood of 1336 tore away part of the wall. Inside, you can also spot two Turkish figures wearing large turbans and a monument to the magistrate Melchoir von Arnstedt, which is made of sandstone and alabaster marble.