Church in Scharteucke

Nielebockerweg, 39319 Jerichow, OT Scharteucke

In order to keep his vow of rebuilding the Schartuecke Church, the Prussian officer Levin Friederich from Treschkow had to have the old church from 1596 demolished. After the completion in 1747, the church stood out as the most Romanesque church in the Jerichow region. Inside, the church boasts a wooden alter wall with a built-on patron gallery, a small sacristy and a wooden pulpit. The only original Baroque colours that remain in the church are restored fragments from a painting created by an artist from Genthin. The Family of Treschkow coat of arms hangs to the left above the alter wall passage, indicating a strong connection between the family and the church. Services were held in the church until 1969. The church then fell deeper and deeper into disrepair until it was finally slated for demolition. The foundation Kirche Scharteucke e.V. was created in 1990 to save the church. After a six-year renovation between 1991 and 1997, the church was consecrated on its 250th Anniversary on August 30, 1997.