Baroque Church in Altenklitsche

39319 Jerichow, OT Altenklitsche

Baroque Church in Altenklitsche: Located in the region where the Elbe and Havel Rivers meet, the Baroque style church in Altenklitsche was founded by Peter von Lossow in 1589. Between 1712 and 1715, the church was rebuilt with the permission of King Friedrich l. Two panels commemorating the completion of the church are located above the northern and southern entrances. The brick building has an elaborately carved altar wall, a pulpit, a confessional, a horseshoe-shaped gallery and a magnificent organ. Noteworthy are the five life-size figures of angels holding the baptismal font and two kneeling benches . The sculptor modeled these after the five sons of the founder and landlord Baltzer Friedrich von Katte.